Who we are

With an extensive movie and broadcast background, we at “A Wedding Tale Production” are unique & professional with the vision and the ingenuity to deliver a difference. A dedicated in-house team with the essential professional expertise & tools combined with an utmost motivation, we have made it our passion to raise the standard of weddings today, with bubbling creativity, intense innovation and a truly elegant and timeless presentation. Utilizing our experience and knowledge we are paving a new market in the industry that is approachable whilst retaining innovation and professionalisms for the mainstream. Customer satisfaction is our passion, cinematic’s our experience, Creativity is our aptitude, flexibility our compassion, Professionalism is the Method, style our distinction, Masterful is our presentation, ambition our incentive, Innovation is a necessity and your wedding our medium.

Dedicated, passionate, perfectionists comprise our team. We strive to cinematically film your wedding day, into a masterpiece.

Unique, creative and quality storytelling, is what we aspire to produce. We film every beautiful, priceless and intangible detail that pervades every moment of your wedding day.

Each masterpiece we produce is customized to suit our client’s unique story. Our prices vary according to the logistics of the wedding, size-scope of the wedding and final product envisioned by you.

At "A Wedding Tale Productions" we truly believe a 5 minute story on Video can be more powerful than a thousand words, and now with the advent of digital technologies we can play, share, distribute video content on the move & even restore this media for future generations to see.

Congratulation's, Upon finding us, you are one step closer to realizing your dream. Ever since the era of wedding cinematography starts, we are one of many among others who are inspired to share our vision with yours. Our journey begin’s with yours, there are Stories yet to be told, Tears to be shed, Laughter to be cherished, and Love to be shared..

So you’re planning your upcoming wedding and are now thinking about at how will you preserve these moments forever. Well then, photography & video is probably at the top of your list. Now the question becomes, which production company do you commission? Here at A A Wedding Tale Productions Production, we take our wedding’s very seriously and document each event with a special passion.

We value our self as high as you value your wedding, therefore we always keep improving ourselves. Yes, we are available internationally for turnkey wedding projects.

Wedding Filming

  • Cinematic Wedding Films: 7 mins each ceremony / each day activity.
  • Cinematic Pre Wedding Film: 3 – 4 mins