We offer turnkey packages for Destination Wedding Filming; we shoot across exotic and scenic locations, where Indian Weddings are hosted anywhere around the globe. Once Bride & Groom have confirmed the wedding film project, we will coordinate every detail with the Wedding Planning Team and work towards producing A Magical Wedding Film. All detailing and production for the film is intricately planned and shot day wise, our director / cinematographer will recce the venue / locations of the event much in advance and plan each shot in a story board with detailed production note requirements for your wedding project. Our crew is very efficient in handing large weddings, they know their cinematic skills to bring out the best moving images from available light during shoots, we love to work with natural light and most of our films, have a day feel. Our core of the film is our 4 hours of time with the Bride & Groom to shoot the pre wedding sequences; This shoot is discussed in detail during our Bride & Groom Consultations with make up & styling questions.

Cinematic Wedding Films

At, A wedding tale production we just don’t shoot wedding films, we produce unforgettable memories which you will cherish for a lifetime and so will future generations… our idea is to produce wedding films with a pinch of soul, if you go and view our online library of films each film has a pinch of soul in the film, we spend hours & hours in editing the films & grading them, this is the reason we are not all over the place and we are limited to the number of wedding projects we produce in a year. A 7 minute film with sequences of the entire day make A Cinematic Wedding Film, the pre wedding shots are artistically canned a day before the wedding & then we shoot the wedding day & ceremonies, all these portions are shot in our signature wedding tale style to give you a Wedding Film with soul.

Save the Date – Online Wedding Films

Gone are the days when traditional paper invitations were sent or hand delivered by wedding hosts, in today’s technological age of high-speed internet bandwidth the concept of inviting friends & family has also changed, or rather gone eco friendly, now at A Wedding Tale Production we script, ideate & produce “Save the Date” concepts videos which can be shot in your city Delhi or Mumbai designed to invite and give your friends & family a surprise, these videos can be hosted on or even on your exclusive wedding website. These video links can be emailed or shared via text messaging or social media chat applications.

Maharani Wedding Films

A Maharani is an Indian princess. When we first started shooting weddings for Indian Brides we used to come across this word “Maharani Wedding Films” after taking an instant liking for the phrase we called our bride centric film “Maharani Wedding Films” as a generic term. Now one hundred films later we offer this distinct style of filming pattern to our clients as a concept based product for very exclusive pre-wedding shoots, right from make up to styling concepts.

Shaadi Films

Shaadi Films are a refined version of contemporary style wedding films. The Indian diaspora overseas has labeled Cinematic Wedding Films as “Shaadi Films” and we love the way it sounds. We are are a specialized unit and we can produce really artistic shaadi films for brides & grooms for a duration of 5 – 7 Minutes.

Interactive Films for iPad, iPhone, Blackberry & Android Devices

All films produced under a duration of 8 minutes can be integrated and hosted on our web servers to suit all online devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android Phone & Tablet & Blackberry, this service is available to all clients at no extra cost.

Wedding Music Videos

Do you have a Bollywood song that you love, well now its your dream come true, we at a wedding tale production have Bollywood Choreographer who could make your dream come true and you and your fiancé could feature in a wedding song of our choice with complete styling and outfits to fit the original song of your choice, all shot in a day. Yes it true…!

Concept Videos

A custom made video especially designed for the bride & groom, this could be a 2 minute video played back before their entry on stage, projected on a large screen watchout display, Hilarious, Funny.. Romantic Videos with a Soul.. Or it could be a “Thank You” video we produced for the 500 guests instantly after the wedding, to thank them for being part of a unforgettable destination wedding we produce all kinds of video based on the brief given to us, and videos can be rendered to fit on any screen size from HD to 2K projection.

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